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Care to Succeed: Microsoft and UBDS Unveil Visionary Programme for Care Experienced Young People in England

Samantha Durkin
28 January, 2024

Microsoft and UBDS have unveiled a visionary programme aimed at empowering care experienced young people in England with the digital and soft skills necessary to thrive in both life and the workplace. This transformative initiative, called Care to Succeed, is rooted in the belief that every individual possesses unique talents and passions that, when nurtured, can lead to a fulfilling and successful future. The programme is designed to create a supportive and inspiring environment, fostering learning, growth, and meaningful contributions.

Key components of the Care to Succeed comprehensive programme:

  1. Personalised 1-2-1 Sessions: Participants will engage in personalised sessions to explore their desires and interests within the programme. These sessions will help uncover individual preferences, career aspirations, and the unique strengths that each participant brings to the table.
  2. Mentorship Programmes: Microsoft will pair the participants with experienced mentors. These mentors will provide ongoing support, guidance, and inspiration, acting as invaluable allies throughout the programme journey.
  3. Discovery Workshops: Engaging in ideation workshops, participants will participate in meaningful dialogues to identify specific needs and aspirations for the care system, and particularly for the transition period when leaving the system.
  4. Collaborative Hackathon: The programme will culminate in an interactive Hackathon where the participants, councils, and UBDS developers collaborate to create an innovative application. The application will be created from the outcome of the ideation sessions, addressing specific pain points and challenges they have experienced. We hope for it to provide sustained support, education, and skill development, addressing the unique challenges faced by young people.
  5. Digital Learning Platforms: The participants will have access to cutting-edge digital learning platforms and training facilitated by Microsoft. This ensures that they acquire essential competencies, keeping them at the forefront of digital advancements.
  6. Career Development Workshops: Optional workshops will be available to help them refine their LinkedIn profiles, CVs, and interview skills. These sessions aim to enhance their employability and confidence as they navigate the job market.

Council Members and Microsoft Mentors meeting in Trafford

The impact we hope to make

The collaborative effort between Microsoft, UBDS, and the participating councils—Trafford Council, London Borough of Haringey, and Northampton Children’s Trust is geared towards achieving several desired outcomes, including:

  • Increased Confidence: Empowering participants to approach life and work with heightened confidence.
  • Raised Aspirations and Unlocking Potential: Inspiring participants to set and achieve ambitious goals for their future.
  • Knowledge of Career Pathways: Providing insights into various career pathways and opportunities.
  • Certifications: Offering relevant certifications to validate acquired skills and enhance employability.
  • Increased Digital and Soft Skills: Equipping the young people with essential competencies for the digital age.
  • Driving Positive Change: By promoting digital inclusion, community engagement, and holistic support, we hope to contribute to broader societal change, creating a more inclusive and supportive environment across England.

Microsoft Mentors and Care Experience People Meeting in Haringey

As Microsoft and UBDS embark on this transformative journey, the vision is clear—to create a lasting impact on the lives of care experienced young people, ensuring they emerge from the programme with not only enhanced skills but also a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. Together, we can empower them to overcome challenges, embrace opportunities and build a foundation for success in the digital age.

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Samantha Durkin
Samantha Durkin
Head of Marketing

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