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UBDS announces Databricks partnership to pioneer user-centric data solutions for regulated industries

Samantha Durkin
14 February, 2024

UBDS, a leading digital transformation professional services company, is proud to announce its partnership with Databricks, the data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) company and pioneer of the data lakehouse, aimed at driving innovation and reshaping the landscape of data-driven solutions.

This partnership brings together UBDS’s advisory and implementation expertise in data platforms, analytics and AI solutions with Databricks’ cutting-edge technology. Through this partnership, we aim to revolutionise how businesses use data to drive efficiency and innovation by delivering user-centric data solutions for highly regulated industries.

The collaboration will focus on leveraging Databricks’ Data Intelligence Platform to accelerate data-enabled outcomes for businesses across industries and across our cloud provider partnerships with Microsoft and AWS.

Specifically, our teams will work together to develop design patterns and components for highly secure and resilient solutions tailored for industry sectors. These will act as accelerators, proven in the sectors, datasets and use-cases they relate to.

“We are thrilled to partner with Databricks, a company renowned for its relentless innovation in the data and AI technology market. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for UBDS, allowing us to bring the best of our technical and industry expertise together to deliver accelerated, robust and exceptional outcomes for our clients.” – Silvia Lehnis, Practice Director Data and AI at UBDS.


By combining UBDS’s deep industry knowledge in public sector, FSI (Financial Services Industry), and other complex and highly regulated industries, with Databricks’ advanced data and AI platform, clients can expect assured data solutions and user adoption, as well as access to best-practice communities we will be hosting to share experiences and learnings across peers.

UBDS and Databricks team kicking off the partnership

UBDS is a brand on a mission to deliver unparalleled client value, unmatched employee experience and to make a meaningful difference to society. Through investment in our people and client relationships, we understand our clients’ needs deeply and are laser focused on delivering exceptional outcomes, whilst never compromising on quality or security. We take on complex work, creating smarter solutions, with innovative technologies, for the best results and to produce lasting progress, for all. Our services span the end-to-end digital transformation journey, from strategy, to cloud platforms, cybersecurity, modernisation of applications, data and AI, and finally managed services.

Databricks, headquartered in San Francisco, with offices around the world, is on a mission to simplify and democratise data and AI, helping data teams to solve the world's toughest problems.

This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of complex data-driven solutions. UBDS are excited about the opportunities this partnership presents and the transformative impact it will have on our clients.

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Samantha Durkin
Samantha Durkin
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