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On Demand Webinar: Simplifying Freedom of Information Requests

Samantha Durkin
21 April, 2023

Funding cuts + workforce shortages + increasing demand = mounting pressure on local government.

The number of FOI requests has almost doubled in the past 10 years and is projected to increase year on year. Between the difficulty in locating the right information and needing to manually pick up requests, collate information, and generate responses - it's no wonder that frustration is on the rise.

Join Microsoft and UBDS in this webinar where we cover how to achieve efficiency through re-engineering your current way of working.

  • Reduce the number of requests being made in the first place
  • Reduce lost emails and keep everything in single manageable chunks via an easy-to-use app
  • Increase efficiency and reduce administrative burden
  • Get greater transparency to citizens in terms of previous requests made, and the information that was supplied as a result of those requests

What to expect in the webinar:

  • The future of information requests
  • FOI App demo
  • How to get the app for free

Who should watch this webinar:

Local Councils

Information Governance and Compliance Teams
IT Development Teams

Samantha Durkin
Samantha Durkin
Head of Marketing

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