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Top 5 Reasons to Migrate with Azure VM Ware Solution

Top 5 Reasons to Migrate with Azure VMware Solution?

Samantha Durkin
25 July, 2022

Microsoft and VMware have worked closely together to create the Azure VMware Solution. It is an infrastructure-as-a-service private cloud offering built on VMware Cloud Foundation and running on dedicated bare-metal servers in Azure regions.

The solution allows you to manage, and secure applications across VMware environments and Microsoft Azure with a consistent operating framework. The solution enables a fast path to the cloud for seamlessly migrating or extending existing VMware workloads from on-premises environment to Azure without the cost, effort or risk of re-architecting applications or retooling operations. You can read more about what the solution entails here.

There are many benefits, but below we have listed the Top 5 reasons why organisations are choosing to migrate with Azure VMware Solution.

1. AVS is Azure

You can run your VMware platform and workloads in the cloud today, without needing to re-architect applications and gain the continuity, scale, and fast provisioning for your VMware workloads on global Azure infrastructure.

2. It’s cost effective

Azure VMware solution provides the most effective way to run VMware apps on Windows Server and SQL Server. You can reduce the cost of using your on-premises datacentre without purchasing licenses for both on-premises and cloud apps. You benefit from three years of free Extended Security Updates (ESU) for Windows Server 2002 R2 when transitioning to Azure VMware Solution.

3. Accelerate the journey to cloud, at your pace

Azure VMware Solution provides the path forward to move to the cloud on your terms. Gain the choice and flexibility to determine what workloads to migrate and the right time to migrate them. With platform symmetry, you have control to transform based on your cloud journey.

4. Application modernisation, development and testing

You can extend and run existing VMware workloads from on-premises environments to the cloud while avoiding the costs, risks, and time commitment of re-architecting applications. AVS enables you to seamlessly modernise applications running on VMware over time through integration to Azure native management, security , and services.

5. Datacentre consolidation

Reduce, retire or consolidate your datacentre footprint with a one-time redeployment of your VMware-based virtual machines. Lift and shift any vSphere-based workloads to Azure in a nondisruptive, automated, scalable, and highly available way with out changing the underlying vSphere hypervisor.

Click here for the Infographic - Top 5 Reasons to Migrate with Azure VMware Solution

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