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UBDS achieves Microsoft Low Code Application Development Specialisation

Samantha Durkin
17 February, 2023

UBDS are proud to have achieved the Microsoft Low Code Application Development specialisation. UBDS have demonstrated verified knowledge, substantive experience, and documented success in supporting customer adoption of Microsoft low-code solutions. With these skills we help customers to rapidly develop custom and flexible low-code line-of-business solutions that integrate existing systems and data to drive innovation and efficiency across their organisations

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is a collection of tools that allow users to create custom business solutions without writing code. The platform includes Power Apps for building custom applications, Power BI for visualising data, and Power Automate for automating workflows. The main benefit of the Power Platform is that it allows customers to rapidly develop and deploy applications and automate business processes with minimal coding.

Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform and low code for customers

Increased productivity

With Power Platform, users can create custom applications and automate workflows without relying on IT or development teams. This reduces the time and resources needed to develop and deploy new solutions, increasing overall productivity.

Faster time-to-market

Low-code development allows for faster development cycles, enabling businesses to bring new products and services to market more quickly.


Power Platform allows users to customise applications to meet their specific business needs. This ensures that the resulting applications and processes are tailored to the business requirements.

Lower costs

Traditional software development can be expensive due to the cost of development and maintenance. With Power Platform, the low-code approach means that fewer resources are required, and costs are significantly reduced.


Low-code development enables businesses to quickly iterate on their solutions and respond to changing business needs. This ensures that businesses can remain agile and flexible, adapting to changes in the market or customer demands.

Microsoft Power Platform and low-code development offer significant benefits for customers. Click here to see how UBDS can assist your organisation - from low code strategies, implementing a centre of excellence, tailored solutions and training.

Samantha Durkin
Samantha Durkin
Head of Marketing

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