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Video: Closing the skills gap with Skills City

Samantha Durkin
17 June, 2022

UBDS is incredibly proud of our involvement with Skills City. Funded by the Department for Education, Skills City aims to fast-track 450 people into careers in the digital technology space every year. They accomplish this by breaking down the barriers faced by members of our society that are currently underrepresented or come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In partnership with employers, providers, and local authorities, Skills City offers Bootcamps that help learners develop the skills that are in demand right now in their local area and improve employability and opportunities for further learning in the tech industries.

In a recent Skills Bootcamp, UBDS met with approximately 30 people, of which we’ve already hired 2 of the attendees. Both are joining us this month, and we have an additional two other candidates in the process of securing graduate roles.

In the technology industry, we can’t afford to stand still, and it is vitally important to all at UBDS that we continue to grow and upskill. These newest members of the UBDS team have been offered roles within our Infrastructure Operations Centre (IOC) and will now be looking to further accelerate their careers by way of an apprenticeship as well as UBDS training and development.

We look forward to the innovative thinking that these new minds will bring to the table as we continue to support them in their individual career journeys.

Watch this video for more information on how UBDS is closing the skills gap with Skills City:

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Samantha Durkin
Samantha Durkin
Head of Marketing

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