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Video: VMware Partner Showcase – SD-WAN

Samantha Durkin
1 February, 2022

At UBDS, we understand the importance of partnering with the world’s most advanced technology providers, to deliver the right solutions to our customers, and provide the best possible outcomes.

One of our key services is transitioning our customers to a cloud network, so that they can adopt and scale for the cloud and SaaS faster, reduce network costs and complexity, improve user experience and productivity, and strengthen security.

Our partner, VMware, is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control. In this VMware Partner Showcase video, we chat about common customer challenges, how the pandemic has forced companies to re-evaluate how they grow and transform, and how we work with VMware networking solutions, like SD-WAN, to address these challenges.

Watch the VMware Partner Showcase video below where Diptesh Patel, UBDS’ CEO, unpacks all this and more with VMware’s Guy Bartram.

UBDS is the first partner worldwide to achieve the SD-WAN Master Services Competency (MSC) and we are now a Principal Partner in Networking and Security. If your organisation is looking to implement an SD-Wan solution, reach out to us today and one of our experts will contact you with more information.

Samantha Durkin
Samantha Durkin
Head of Marketing

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