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28th Nov 2023

On Demand Webinar: Policing Bobby Bot Webinar

Police forces need to use a vast number of policies and procedures on a daily basis.
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Empowering UK Police Forces with AI Apps

Police forces need to use a vast number of policies and procedures on a daily basis. However, despite documents being up to date and in good order in SharePoint, members of forces struggle to find the relevant information contained within these documents.

It can be difficult when you’re in the field and dealing with challenging scenarios to remember the latest policies. Using leading Microsoft PowerPlatform and AI technologies, UBDS has developed Bobby Bot – an app that uses natural language questions to get the answers police officers are looking for with ease and at pace.

About Bobby Bot: Confidence in the field

The app enables forces to interrogate data sources quickly and makes the information readily available on a mobile device so that the correct processes and procedures can be followed. The right information, when you need and where you need it.

Bobby Bot uses Generative AI within the boundaries of your private organisational data to make the search more reliable. It uses vector embedding with Cognitive Search and the Azure OpenAI GPT3.5 API put to work with prompt engineering and parameter tuning specific to the Police knowledge use-case. This transforms the user experience by presenting the answer to questions in natural language, making it easy to understand and action for real-world scenarios.

The service also provides analytics and management information based on the most requested searches and enables the team to identify skill gaps and training requirements.

Generative AI is a new and transformative technology with high risks and high rewards. It must be used with appropriate design, testing and risk management based on the use-case. We will provide an overview of the different options to deploy GenAI, methods to fine-tune and control the models, and what organisational capabilities are critical to successful and responsible use.

Watch this on-demand webinar where Microsoft and UBDS showcases the app to police forces across the UK.

The speakers

  • Scott Hart – Account Director (Public Safety & National Security) – Microsoft
  • Dave Rawlings – Senior Technology Strategist (Policing) – Microsoft
  • John Sideserf – Head of Business Applications – UBDS
  • Silvia Lehnis – Practice Director – Data and AI – UBDS
  • Simon Johnson – Client Engagement Director – UBDS

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