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Design Thinking Lab and the IGNITE Framework

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Design Thinking Lab

A dynamic and immersive experience designed to turn your brightest ideas into actionable solutions.

At UBDS, we partner with our clients to create solutions that focus on their most important asset, the users. We help organisations to drive innovation, foster creativity and reimagine the end-to-end user experience so that every solution is not just technically robust but also deeply resonant with user needs and preferences.

We achieve this by deploying our IGNITE methodology, an agile and user-centric approach to problem solving that advocates for a deeper understanding of the problem from a user perspective, encouraging teams to work together to transform complex challenges into impactful opportunities that are built for the users, with the users in mind.


Inspire curiosity, empathy and understanding of the problem or opportunity


Gather insights and diverse perspectives through in-depth user engagement and research


Navigate through the information collected, identify patterns and insights to narrow down the problem worth solving


Ideate and generate a wide range of new ideas to identify possible solutions


Test the viability of those solutions by engaging with your experts (e.g. regulatory, assurance, compliance, security, governance)


Evolve and refine your solutions with selected user groups and iterate through feedback loops
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Design Thinking Lab

Embark on a journey of transformation with our Design Thinking Lab.

Choose our UBDS Digital Design Thinking Lab and get started today!

Discover the gateway to problem solving with our Design Thinking Lab service, a dynamic and immersive experience designed to turn your brightest ideas into actionable solutions.

Over the course of 2 intensive days, our expert team will empower you to harness the full potential of the IGNITE framework. Using our agile and user-centric approach to problem solving, we will help to identify and solve complex business challenges and develop viable strategies, solutions or prototypes that can be quickly implemented.

Not sure where to start and interested in adopting Design Thinking to solve your business problems?

Why should you choose our Design Thinking Lab?

Accelerated innovation

Experience the power of agility and collaboration as your ideas evolve from concepts to viable solutions in just 2 days.

User-centred solutions:

Centred around the IGNITE framework, place your users at the heart of every solution, ensuring solutions truly resonate with your audience.

Tailored guidance

Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned team to guide you all the steps of the way.

What to expect from the Design Thinking Lab?

Day 1: Inspire, Gather and Navigate

Embark on a journey of discovery, build empathy with your users and investigate their pain points, wants and needs. Guided by our experts, brainstorm with your team and define what the core problem is based on the insights gathered.

Day 2: Ideate, Test and Evolve

Generate innovative ideas, put them to the test and receive real-time feedback by our experts. Identify the best solution that will make a meaningful impact and leave with a clear and actionable plan to turn this solution into reality.

Delivery Mode

In-person, virtual or hybrid

Design Thinking Lab

Let’s ignite the potential of your ideas together!

Get in touch today and embark on a journey of transformation with our Design Thinking Lab.

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