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In a world where aligning business strategy with organisational vision, unlocking funding for digital initiatives, and demonstrating tangible ROI pose significant hurdles, UBDS Digital stands as your strategic partner. We redefine the landscape of digital consulting by addressing your organisation's unique challenges head-on. Specialising in navigating complexities, providing tailored strategies, and fostering a user-centric approach, we not only guide you through digital transformation but empower you to turn challenges into opportunities, driving measurable results and embedding innovation across every facet of your organisation.


Our Digital Consulting Services

Digital Transformation Strategy

UBDS Digital excels in assisting organisations to explore optimal applications of digital technologies that enhance business models and bring about transformative change. We meticulously address crucial aspects of why and how organisations should strategically allocate resources. By challenging the status quo, assessing the current state (as-is), and envisioning a future plan (to-be), we pave the way for meaningful and sustainable digital transformation. 

These services form a strategic toolkit, enabling organisations not only to envision their digital future but also to implement a well-defined roadmap aligning with broader business objectives.

Defining Digital Strategies and Technology Roadmaps

Working with you to create digital strategies and roadmaps to navigate the future of tech with clarity and purpose.

Developing Target Operating Models

We help you to develop tailored operating models to streamline processes and maximise operational efficiency.

Crafting Robust Business Cases

We create detailed business cases to highlight the value and impact of strategic tech investments.

Conducting thorough Digital Maturity Assessments

We evaluate your digital maturity to identify strengths and areas for innovation, guiding tech evolution.

User Experience Design

We are experienced in guiding organisations through the process of generating innovative ideas, exploring opportunities, and pinpointing key problems that align with your strategic direction. From ideation to the concrete realisation of ideas, we seamlessly facilitate every step of the journey. Our approach prioritises user-centric product and service development, ensuring meaningful and effective impact. 

Our services form a comprehensive suite, enabling organisations to not only conceive groundbreaking ideas but also to refine, validate, and bring those ideas to fruition in a way that resonates deeply with end-users.

Design Thinking

We use our unique design thinking methodology to solve your complex problems with innovative, user-centred solutions.

Idea Incubation

Working with you to incubate ideas and transform them into viable, market-ready innovations that drive growth.

User Research

We conduct comprehensive user research to deeply understand user needs and enhance solution design.

Wireframing and Prototyping

We design wireframes and prototypes to visualise and refine tech solutions before development.

Usability Testing

We perform usability testing to ensure solutions are intuitive, effective, and user-friendly.

Business Change

UBDS supports organisations to smoothly transition to implementation, embrace transformation and sustain a more productive and effective organisation. 

Our Business Change Management framework addresses the people impacts of change associated with organisational transformations including restructuring, technology changes, changes in ways of working, or cultural and mindset changes. 

The framework provides a structured approach to improving the effectiveness of planning, implementing, and executing business change programmes of all sizes.  Our methodology enables contextualised approaches to communication planning, stakeholder engagement, training, and adoption. We foster a culture of collaborative working, adaptability, and continuous improvement to enable effective and measurable outcomes. 

Preparing for change

Starting with analysing the business landscape and assessing readiness to change.

Managing Change

From understanding the impact of the change to defining and implementing targeted communication approaches and training.

Sustaining change

Focussing on designing and implementing Continual Service Improvement (CSI) processes, adoption measures and knowledge.

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Why clients choose our Digital Consulting services.

End-to-End Solutions
Unlike other consultancies, UBDS Digital provides end-to-end solutions, encompassing advisory, technical development, and managed services.
Tailored Strategies and Clear Roadmaps
Our team brings specialised industry expertise and commitment to innovation to ensure that your organisation stays at the forefront of technological advancements.
Assured Ideation
Our Assured Ideation process increases the likelihood of producing valuable and actionable ideas while minimising the risk of unfocused efforts. We collaborate with technology and security experts to ensure ideas can be executed.
User Centric Approach
Our experienced consultants apply a user-centric approach, prioritising user experience throughout the consulting process.
Our Edge

Tackling Challenges Together.

Aligning to your organisation’s vision
Struggling to align your business strategy with the organisation's vision, goals, and long-term strategy? We specialise in defining and implementing roadmaps that ensure seamless alignment, setting you up for success.
Unlocking funding
Navigating the complexities of securing adequate funding for your digital initiatives can be challenging. We assist in ensuring financial resources align with the scale of your transformation goals, providing a clear pathway to funding success.
Providing Value and ROI
Demonstrating tangible business value can be challenging. We excel in measuring returns on your digital investments, ensuring each initiative significantly contributes to the overall success of your organisation.
Managing costs
Organisations often grapple with limited budgets and cost-cutting demands. We specialise in optimising budget allocation for maximum impact and efficiency, expediting the realisation of benefits while navigating financial constraints.
Change Management and Adoption
Lack of leadership alignment can impact the timely execution of strategy, resulting in increased costs and a slower rate of adoption. Our guidance and expertise in setting up successful business change management enables smooth implementations and fosters widespread adoption, preventing delays and creating a culture of continuous improvement and ROI.
Security Concerns
Spending too much time on ideas that might not pass regulations or security measures? We prioritise security and compliance by ensuring that ideas and new solutions undergo thorough review by security and industry specialists before proceeding with implementation and deployment.
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Simona Mazza Practice Director Digital Consulting
Simona Mazza Practice Director Digital Consulting
Simona Mazza Practice Director Digital Consulting
Simona Mazza Practice Director Digital Consulting
Simona Mazza
Digital Consulting Practice Director
meet Your Team
Simona Mazza
Digital Consulting Practice Director
meet Your Team
Simona Mazza
Digital Consulting Practice Director
meet Your Team
Simona Mazza
Digital Consulting Practice Director
meet Your Team

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