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At UBDS Digital, we specialise in providing comprehensive Engineering and Managed Services that empower your business in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, ensuring not only enhanced operational efficiency and service quality but also stringent security, compliance, and continuous innovation.

With our unique blend of expertise, strategic vendor management, and a focus on cost optimisation, we help businesses achieve operational stability and continuity. Choose UBDS Digital for a partnership that brings innovative delivery, unmatched adaptability, unwavering quality, and proactive risk mitigation, ensuring your success in today’s dynamic business environment.


Our key services cover

Cloud Hosting

UBDS Digital boasts profound expertise in supporting AWS and Azure IaaS-based platforms, both in the UK and globally, with unique specialisations in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server. At the core of our cloud hosting services is the UBDS Digital Infrastructure Operations Centre (IOC). This dedicated hub serves as a single point of contact, providing continuous, managed support for our clients. Accessible 24/7/365 via phone or email, the IOC offers authorised client staff the ability to raise and track support tickets, manage updates, and receive proactive platform alerts, ensuring prompt and efficient resolutions. Our service range extends from server and storage integration to endpoint security and database management, characterised by seamless support and innovative solutions.

Our team includes seasoned FinOps specialists, adept at implementing FinOps capabilities to drive cost efficiencies, typically achieving a 25% reduction in cloud charges. Through continuous monitoring and assessment of your environment, we proactively highlight and implement improvements in financial operations. Our Managed FinOps service is designed to help enterprises control, manage, and optimise cloud costs. We provide comprehensive visibility into cloud spending, offer effective tools for cost management, and guide businesses in making financially sound decisions regarding their cloud usage.

Run and Manage

Comprehensive management of cloud hosting services, encompassing server and storage operations, network integration.

Monitor, Report and Advise

Diligent monitoring of cloud expenditure, coupled with detailed reporting and expert advice.

Service Transition and Management

At UBDS Digital, our Service Management team excels in administering and managing various services, ensuring that they align perfectly with our customers’ unique requirements. Our approach to Service Management is highly customised, matching service levels to specific customer needs. Our diverse team of experts is well-versed in multiple vendors and technologies, enabling us to strategically allocate resources to effectively address our customers’ challenges. Furthermore, all UBDS Digital services are grounded in ITIL v3/v4 Management Practices, guaranteeing robust service delivery and a strong focus on maximising customer value.

Service Design Packs

Tailored packages that outline the structure and management of services, ensuring they align with customer needs and objectives.

ITSM Tooling

Comprehensive IT Service Management tooling that covers a broad spectrum of essential functionalities.

Security Operations Centre

UBDS Digital operates a 24x7x365, CREST Accredited Security Operations Centre (SOC), with primary operations in London and additional support in Manchester, enhanced by national resilience through our partnerships. Our analysts are UK NPPV & SC Cleared and include CISSP qualified solution and technical experts, experienced in highly secure and controlled government and finance environments. 

Our SOC operates on core principles of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover, and Govern, ensuring comprehensive and proactive security management.

Automated Monitoring and Intelligence

Our SOC continuously monitors your systems and data, proactively hunting for threats, minimising detection time.

AI Augmented Incident Response

We integrate alerting with Sentinel and our tooling, enabling efficient triage, assessment, and escalation.

Analyst Led Incident Management

We are prepared to implement pre-authorised response actions automatically to guarantee containment and eradication of threat.

Dedicated Tier 1–3 SOC Analysts

Staffed with at least three Tier 1-3 analysts at all times, our SOC provides continuous, vigilant monitoring of your estate.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Following major incidents, thorough Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is conducted to continually enhance the effectiveness of our SOC .

Active and Continuously Adaptive Risk Assessments

Our approach includes ongoing, adaptive risk assessments to stay ahead of potential security threats.

Integrated Security Across Environments

We ensure a seamless security posture across all environments, safeguarding your assets comprehensively.

Modern Workplace and Productivity

UBDS Digital's Modern Workplace and Productivity solutions are designed to provide secure and flexible digital workplace environments. Our services include fully automated lifecycle management, collaboration tooling, mobile working solutions, and high-performance virtual desktops. Tailored to meet the needs of today’s dynamic work environments, our offerings ensure that your workforce remains productive, collaborative, and secure, regardless of their location.

End User Service Strategy

Developing comprehensive strategies to enhance the overall experience and productivity of end users.

Device Lifecycle Management

We managed the entire lifecycle of devices from procurement to retirement, ensuring they are efficiently utilised and updated.

Automated Build and Software Delivery

Streamlining the deployment of software and system builds through automation, enhancing efficiency and ensuring consistency.

Securing Endpoints (AV, Patch Management, Zero Trust Remote Access)

Implementing robust security measures - antivirus solutions, regular patch management, and zero-trust protocols for remote access.

Business Productivity Suite

Offering a suite of productivity tools and applications that facilitate efficient work, collaboration, and communication.

Why clients choose our Engineering & Managed Services.

Integrated and Innovative Solutions
Our services seamlessly blend with your existing systems, driving operational excellence, security, and continuous innovation.
Strategic Vendor Management
Our focus on cost optimisation and strategic procurement ensures not only efficiency but also significant cost savings, aligning with your business objectives for maximum value.
Security and Compliance
Our CREST Accredited Security Operations Centre operates around the clock, ensuring proactive threat detection and management. Tailored security measures, rigorous compliance solutions, and our 'zero-trust' network model safeguard your digital assets against evolving cyber threats.
Adaptability and Quality Assurance
Our ITIL v3/v4 Management Practices guarantee robust service delivery, focusing on maximising customer value and operational excellence in today’s dynamic business environment.
Our Edge

Tackling Service Challenges Together.

Integrated Service Delivery
Experience seamless integration with our suite of services, from Security Operations to Cloud Hosting and Modern Workplace solutions. Enjoy the simplicity of unified operations and improved efficiency with consistent service delivery under one roof.
Reliable Service Quality and Performance
Rely on high-quality service across all our managed offerings. Strong SLAs, proactive monitoring, and continuous improvement in FinOps, Cloud Hosting, and Security Operations ensure we meet and exceed business expectations.
Comprehensive Security and Compliance Solutions
Benefit from our extensive expertise in Security Operations. We provide tailored security and compliance solutions that protect sensitive data, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce cybersecurity risks, vital in today’s digital landscape.
Strategic Vendor Management
Leverage our strategic vendor relationships in Service Transition and Management. We serve as your trusted advisor, aligning vendor capabilities with your organisational goals, ensuring you derive maximum value from these partnerships.
Cost Savings and Optimisation
Realise significant cost savings and optimisation through our FinOps services. Our strategic procurement, vendor negotiation, and service consolidation ensure you get the most value from our services while minimising total ownership costs.
Operational Stability and Continuity
Our Cloud Hosting and Modern Workplace solutions enhance operational stability and ensure business continuity. With solid contingency plans and disaster recovery solutions, we guarantee uninterrupted operations and service resilience.
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Steve Prescott Jones Practice Director Engineering and Managed Services Operations
Steve Prescott Jones Practice Director Engineering and Managed Services Operations
Steve Prescott Jones Practice Director Engineering and Managed Services Operations
Steve Prescott Jones Practice Director Engineering and Managed Services Operations
Steve Prescott-Jones
Engineering and Managed Services Practice Director
meet Your Team
Steve Prescott-Jones
Engineering and Managed Services Practice Director
meet Your Team
Steve Prescott-Jones
Engineering and Managed Services Practice Director
meet Your Team
Steve Prescott-Jones
Engineering and Managed Services Practice Director
meet Your Team

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